Review: Bolle 6th Sense Cycling Sunglasses

Bolle 6th Sense Cycling Sunglasses
By: Stuart Kerton

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Verdict: Super-lightweight glasses which basically come in kit form, with excellent field of vision and lens clarity
Weight: 28g

Aerodynamic fairings on a pair of sunglasses? Yep, the Bollé 6th Sense are about as pro as you can get, especially with our test set being in AG2R La Mondiale colours. It isn't all about gimmicks, though, as these glasses are seriously good.

The big lens of the 6th Sense has a retro look to it, harking back to visors of the Nineties, but as far as technology goes they are bang up to date.

The frame is practically non-existent, which is something I like. There is nothing worse than crouching down in the drops or doing a quick shoulder check to find that there is a piece of plastic in your line of sight. The 6th Sense offer a massive field of vision without you even moving your head.

The 6th Sense are basically a set of components clipped to the lens: arms, nosepiece, top clip and aero fairings all detach with a simple twist. You can buy additional lenses to go with your frame, varying shades and even photochromic ones. The AG2R versions here come with 'neutral grey with a blue violet mirror for bright conditions'.

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