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Bollé Eyewear, born in the mountains of France, and Telluride Ski Resort, Colorado’s unmatched mountain destination, announced today a partnership bringing the two continents and the two international brands together.

The multi-year deal will give the sunglass and goggle maker a distinctive presence as the Official Eyewear of one the world’s most renowned big mountain resorts.

The partnership brings together two brands well-regarded for quality and authenticity within their respective categories, and shared interest in optimizing the mountain lifestyle.

Telluride’s ski hill, golf club and full complement of family activities are an ideal match for Bollé’s product line, which includes goggles and lifestyle and sport-specific sunglasses for alpine, cycling, golf and marine.

Bollé’s partnership with Telluride will enable the two brands to further leverage their reach into core markets and with key demographics. Look for unique co-op advertising and social media campaigns this winter.

“Telluride embodies the true mountain experience,” said Kerri MacWherter-Webb – Eyewear Marketing Manager for Bollé. “Bollé eyewear is all about performing at your peak and enjoying the outdoors in a wide variety of activities. Telluride’s diversity gives us that opportunity every month of the year. With Bolle’s global presence and Telluride’s global clientele – it’s a match made in the mountains, and one we are very proud of.”

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