Company Overview

COREBAN is derived from Corban, which means "Dedicated to God" and what better word to express our days on the water and to give thanks
to the Creator.

COREBAN consists of a team of International athletes that are passionate about the sport and specialize in designing QUALITY Stand Up Paddle Gear.

With testing done in some of the world's most extreme conditions, from outer reefs in Hawaii to point breaks in South Africa and Australia, our goal is to supply you the rider, with the best available products on the market.

Having personally been involved in designing and testing alongside the world's top shapers and manufacturers for over 21 years , it has once again been a great privilege to be a part of a Core company that is leading the way and pushing the boundaries in SUP.

So whether you plan on paddling your local lake at sunset or desire to charge monster waves, we welcome you to join the Coreban team and to experience the ultimate lifestyle and freedom associated with this breathtaking sport.

2005 USA
Coreban name is birthed- With an initial involvement in freestyle Motto Cross and BMX - the name was initially set aside to become an extreme Bike riding label.

2005 Maui, Hawaii
Stand Up Paddle surfing hits the local Hawaii scene- . After first being introduced to the sport, Ivan van Vuuren, (owner of Premier Productions Hawaii, Est. 1996) , immediately saw the potential of this amazing sport. With only a handful of guys in Hawaii attempting the "new" sport Ivan with a few Maui friends decided to contact some of the leading surf manufacturers in USA to produce SUP product. After numerous attempts and the same negative replies of the sport being a "passing fad", the dream slowly moved on to become a reality with the birth of Coreban Stand Up Paddle Gear. Now years later, the same fad has become the fastest growing sport and Coreban being rated as one of the worlds leading brands in innovative SUP designs.

2007- 2008 South Africa
With roots in Hawaii it was time to jump across the globe and introduce the sport and help spearhead SUP in Southern Africa.

With only a few riders on the scene SUP rapidly spread and the demand for Coreban gear increased. Barend Buys, local SA rider and head of Coreban Production started introducing demo days and national events which resulted in Coreban Media spreading around the globe. At last a Core SUP company was leading the way in innovative events, media and product made by riders for riders. Key ingredients for a successful brand with a slogan "Dedicated to the Core".

2009 Coreban International
Coreban demand grows internationally. With increased media, new innovative products and countries around the world requesting Coreban product, there was no option but to expand to meet the demand. The challenge being, to maintain the Core Roots of what the company was founded on in supplying the best possible products, the best service and best all round SUP experience that Coreban was famous for. "Only the Best" - slogan hit the SUP world, with Coreban now available in multiple countries, yet still maintaining the same values that customers had become accustomed to.

2010 Coreban Headquarters - Australia 
With the rapid growth, Coreban shifts headquarters from Maui Hawaii to surf city- Noosa in Australia. In addition to the relocation, Guy Schroeder, former pro athlete, all round waterman and business guru jumped on board as a partner to help steer the brand to even greater heights. Within a short period the Coreban label has become a household name and one of the most sought after brands in the sports industry - and the Best is yet to come.....

So no matter where you live in the world be it Switzerland where you plan on paddling your local lake at sunset or charging monster waves in Hawaii, we welcome you to join the Coreban family and to experience the ultimate lifestyle and freedom associated with this breathtaking sport.

See you on the water and enjoy the ride,
Team Coreban