Get to know us
CG Sport isn't just a product line, it's a lifestyle. CG Sport was created in 2010, from the product development team at Cool Gear
International, a worldwide leader in the hydration industry. Born from our natural desire towards innovation,
we wanted to highlight and further develop the functionality of our hydration bottles – targeted to the consummate athlete, and the weekend warriors.
Our hydration bottles are manufactured with high quality materials, utilize newfound technology, boast price points that beat the competitors, and are designed with one end goal: Be the best functional bottle, for the toughest athletes.
CG Sport doesn't just keep up with you, it propels you across the finish line. 

Technology Breakdown
CG Sport utilizes a variety of functional technologies that were designed to support an adventurous lifestyle.

  • Foam layer envelops the inner wall of the bottle to provide further insulation that keeps drinks colder for longer
  • The foam is covered by a thin, aluminum sheet that blocks out sunlight as well as providing additional insulation to the bottle
EZ Freeze™ Technology
  • Our EZ Freeze™ technology also embodies the goal of keeping drinks colder for longer
  • It is offered as a freezer gel stick application that twists into the cap, and is submerged within the drink; Or some products have the 
  • EZ Freeze™ gel built within the double wall of the bottle
  • Tritan™ plastic is shatter resistant, dishwasher safe, and BPA free
  • It is the highest quality of plastic, utilized for maximum durability
  • We created 2 millimeter wall thickness for specific bottles, that add to the product's longevity
CG Sport is determined to innovate functional and reliable hydration solutions that achieve the high standard of durable toughness that is necessary in an 
active lifestyle.

CG Sport Guarantee
We want you to be 100% satisfied with out product. If for any reason you are not, please contact us. We value your feedback.