Serengeti Sunglasses 2012


 One of the secrets to the world’s finest driving glasses is the Serengeti lens.
Serengeti® makes two types of lenses, glass and Polar PhD. Both lens feature Sereneti’s incredible photochromic technology, which should come as no surprise because Serengeti pioneered this technology. These Photochromic lenses ensure that your eyes remain fatigue-free throughout the day regardless of the light conditions. So whether you choose glass or Polar PhD lenses, they come with the advanced Photochromic technology that gives you everything you’d ever need.

When it comes to technology, the high road is the only road

As the maker of the world's finest driving sunglass, we utilize only the very latest technologies and premium materials, coupled with the most talented professionals and designers. And the results are clearly superior.

Serengeti® sunglasses feature unparalleled attention to detail and intelligent refinements, and they exceed government and commercial standards when it comes to protection. They block out harmful UVA and UVB rays, while our advanced photochromic technology adapts to changing light conditions—behind the wheel and everywhere else you go.

All together, our technology is designed so that you can effortlessly see every detail on the road.

Company OverviewSerengeti has been providing uncompromised performance, protection and sophistication with their eyewear since 1983. 

Positioned as The World’s Finest Driving Sunglass, Serengeti equips all of its premium sunglasses with specialized technologies like Spectral Control® and photochromic properties. The Serengeti lens excels in the most challenging driving conditions, filtering light to clarify and sharpen vision and increasing detail, depth perception and color definition. 

It is simply the world’s most advanced eyewear for driving and for general purpose use.